About Victoria

Victoria Mena is a working mother, policy expert and a lifetime community advocate running for state representative in the 31st District. By November 6th, you have a choice to make: a working mother advocating for all her neighbors or someone working for a handful of wealthy donors. With your vote and support, she will take the fight to Olympia to represent all of us!

For the more than a decade, Victoria been a community activist and organizer. Her work has focused on immigrant rights, and has included workers’ rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ equality, homelessness, climate change and improving quality of life issues. Victoria has seen first-hand how these issues intersect, and how deeply our struggles are linked, and that we have more in common than what sets us apart. Whether it is the insecurity of rising healthcare, housing, or transportation costs, Victoria’s agenda will put people ahead of corporate profits and hope over fear.

Walking the walk

Victoria has come a long way. She is the daughter of a single mother, and the grandchild of undocumented immigrants. She is the product of a public education system that failed to meet her where she was at, which eventually led to her dropping out of high school. After realizing the value of education, she went on to earn her GED, and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Family Youth and Science from the University of Florida. She used the degrees to give back as a community organizer, focused on improving quality of life issues. Committed to changing lives, she now holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Governance from the Evans School at University of Washington, and sees this race as an opportunity to build a stronger community.

Today, Victoria is the Policy Director for Colectiva Legal del Pueblo, a grassroots collective that provides direct immigration legal services, and organizes to build power with, and elevate the voices of immigrant communities. Victoria has co-founded four immigrant rights organizations across the country, including the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN), a powerful coalition of more than 100 immigrant and refugee rights organizations that provide resources and support across the state. Victoria has led policy teams, provided political analysis, drafted platforms and advocated for legislation to improve our communities. She knows her way around Olympia, and is ready to fight for all of us.