On the Issues

Legislative priorities


Healthcare For All

Healthcare is a human right. The privatization of healthcare has resulted in insurance companies and corporations making large profits off of the sick and injured. Victoria will work to expand coverage to the underserved and uninsured in our state through innovative solutions, and with every tool we have at our disposal today. She will advance a state-based, comprehensive healthcare system where all people are provided the opportunity to thrive. We have all worked together to build a strong and prosperous Washington, it’s time to work together to get healthcare coverage for every person.

Better Schools

As a legislator, Victoria will fight for equitable school funding, and not just to meet a minimum, to ensure that every school district across the state can focus on teaching our kids and not running levy campaigns to pay for the basic educational necessities. She will center the experiences and needs of educators, parents and students to ensure that our education policies and solutions are driven by those most impacted, and those doing the work. Additionally, she will work to ensure that we invest in early learning opportunities so working families have access to quality programs. She will fight for paid apprenticeships for students to access the workforce, and access to college without crippling student loan debt. The future of every child in this community depends on great public schools. Victoria will be a tireless champion for education.

Fair Taxation

Middle and working families pay a far greater share of their income in taxes—lowest wage earners pay nearly 17%, whereas the wealthiest among us don’t even pay 3%. We must be brave about progressive revenue measures that invest in our kids, health, infrastructure, and our communities. This means addressing our upside down tax code to ensure that the wealthiest among us pay their fair share, closing corporate loopholes, regulating special tax treatment for large businesses, putting a price on carbon, and mitigating pollution and other harmful impacts to our communities.

Work Opportunity

Victoria will champion legislation that secures local, safe, living wage jobs with benefits. This includes raising the minimum wage to $15/hour across the state, while supporting small businesses that fuel our economy. She will protect workers by supporting unions and their power to collectively bargain, and support more vocational training programs, sectoral training, apprenticeships, and earn-while-you-learn programs, so pay gaps are no longer a barrier for someone to provide for themselves and their families.

Access to Housing

As someone who has previously been homeless with her children, Victoria understands that housing is a multifaceted issue that requires comprehensive solutions. To alleviate housing insecurity and homelessness, housing availability must be paired with protection of tenants rights on the state level. Victoria supports significantly increasing investments in the Housing Trust Fund to build more housing units across Washington to assure that everyone has a place to call home. Looking forward, Victoria will support policies to repeal the ban on rent regulation so municipalities and cities can regulate their housing stock in ways that will be most advantageous for their community. We must work to make sure everyone in our community has a place they can call home.